Poster  :24 Effects of Songwriting on Shame, Guilt, and Pride in Adult Patients on a Detoxification Unit: A Randomized Effectiveness Study
Michael J Silverman1
1Music Therapy, University Of Minnesota, Minneapolis 

Poster: 48 Your Passion Will Lead You To Your Purpose
Elizabeth Coombes1 and Beth Pickard2
1Psychology And Therapeutic Studies, University Of South Wales, Newport
2Psychology And Therapeutic Studies, University Of South Wales, Newport

Poster: 50 Albatros Laboratory: movement, dialogue, emotions and narrative musical creativity in the non-verbal theater of diversity.
Fabio Circelli1
1AIM, Pescia 

Poster: 63  The efficacy of an intensive piano training program on information processing speed in adults with Parkinson’s disease
Teresa L Lesiuk1
1Music Therapy, University Of Miami, Miami 

Poster: 77 Embodied Music: New philosophical foundations for music therapy
Amelia Mastrodonato1
1Centro Studi Musicoterapia Alto Vicentino, Thiene 

Poster: 88 Bullying and severely vulnerable adolescents: a sociological perspective of health in a music therapy intervention in a school.
Valeria Conte1
1Centro Studi Musicoterapia Altovicentino, Istituto Musicale Veneto Città Di Thiene, Thiene (Vi) 

Poster: 95 Music Interventions During Dialysis: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Implications For Practice and Research
Kathleen M Murphy1, Mary Beth Gaines1, Rebecca Ryan1 and Harold Washington1 1Music Therapy, Loyola University, New Orleans 

Poster: 103 FamilyFOCUS – increased well-being and coping strategies in families
Hilde Skrudland1, Lise Krarup Kristiansen1 and Anne Mæng1
1Region Midtjylland, Institut For Kommunikation Og Handicap, Aarhus 3 year national project financed by the Ministry of Health, Denmark.

Poster: 115 Music therapy assessment and counseling in interdisciplinary teams
Ingrid Irgens-Møller1 and Hanne Halskov2
1Institute For Communication And Handicap, Central Denmark Region, Aarhus
2Institute For Communication And Handicap, Central Denmark Region, Aarhus

Poster: 117 An ethnopoetic transcription of music interaction in dementia: a methodology
Gitte Pålsson1
1Skåne, Ystad, Ystad

Poster: 128 Music Therapy in Addictions Treatment: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Recommendations for Future Research
Kathleen M Murphy1
1College Of Music & Fine Arts; School Of Music, Loyola University-New Orleans, New Orleans, LA

Poster: 136 A Holistic, Humanistic Perspective on Music Therapy: Integrating Carl Rogers’ Person-Centred Approach
Beth Pickard1
1Therapeutic Studies, University Of South Wales

Poster: 150 The School of Music Therapy Volunteers for Mental Health Institutions
Anton Vladislavovich Cherepanov1
1Union For Mental Health, Master Of Psychology, Moscow

Poster: 216 Music to improve sleep quality in patients with depression related insomnia: A Randomized Controlled Trial using mixed methods.
Helle N Lund1, Inge N Pedersen2, Lars Ole Bonde2 and Jan Mainz3 1The Research Unit, Aalborg University Hospital – Psychiatry, Aalborg
2The Music Therapy Clinic, Aalborg University Hospital – Psychiatry, Aalborg
3Management, Aalborg University Hospital, Aalborg

Poster: 219 Improvised movement in GIM session as a substitute to mandala drawing: An explorative study
Dikla Kerem