Preliminary Timetable for the Pre-conference 7th of August 2018

Tuesday the 7th of August 2018

Families with children with special needs – a seminar to develop music therapy practice

With more and more children’s disability services advocating for the involvement of parents in their child’s programs, music therapists are adapting their practice and partnering with families in diverse and innovative ways. In addition, music therapy continues to gain acceptance as a valuable addition to therapy services for “at risk” families. Research over the past 20 years has shown positive outcomes for music therapy with families in various populations and frameworks. However, approaches to practice are many and varied, with many music therapists who work with families seeking to expand their knowledge of specific methods and techniques, as well as to develop deeper knowledge about relevant theoretical frameworks.

This seminar offers an opportunity to participate in a full day exploration of specific and unique approaches in the paradigm of family-based music therapy, where the children’s special needs effect everyday life activities and the parent-child interaction. With an emphasis on experiential learning, video excerpts will be used to explore three different approaches to practice: Family-Centered Music Therapy, Music-Oriented Parent Counseling & music therapy to support families at risk where parents also have challenges. Therefore, the presentations will focus both on the children’s needs and capabilities, as well as on the parents’ resources. Case examples will highlight specific music therapy techniques framed by theoretical perspectives, to explore “what works” in music therapy with families. These three layers of approach to working with families will demonstrate ways to address parental responsiveness and promote child development. The seminar will be structured around active learning tasks with a small group of participants (maximum of 25) to enable each participant to engage deeply with the material and the presenters.

08.30-09.00 Breakfast
09.00-10.30 Welcome & Introductions
Foundational theory & key characteristics
10:30-10:45 Break
10.45-12.00 Case presentation: Family challenges & potentials
3 (layer) approaches/understandings
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13.00-14.30 Workshop with roleplay –  the 3 layers in action
14.30- 14.50 Break
14.50-16.20 Workshop with roleplay – the 3 layers in action
16.20-16.30 Break
16.30-17.00 Summary/evaluation of day
17.00 End of the day

Tali Gottfried, PhD, is a registered music therapist and a lecturer at M.A.A.T Music Therapy Training Program in David-Yellin College, Jerusalem, Israel. Tali is also the owner of the Private Practice for Music Therapy, and a supervisor for young music therapists. Tali’s clinical experience includes working with children with neurodevelopmental delays and emotional needs and their families in both public and private sectors, in a parallel treatment setting. Her research focuses on music therapy with children with autism and on the needs and challenges of their parents, using music as a facilitating bridge in parent-child daily interaction. Tali has presented her work at various National and International conferences, and contributed a chapter about her model to the book “Music Therapy with Families: Therapeutic Approaches and Theoretical Perspectives”, co-edited by Stine Lindahl-Jacobsen and Grace Thompson. Since 2014, Tali is the Israeli delegate to the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC).

Grace Thompson is a registered music therapist and senior lecturer at The University of Melbourne.  Grace has worked in Early Childhood Intervention, Special Education and Private Practice. Her research focuses on music therapy with children with autism, disability, and delivered within ecologically oriented strategies. Grace has presented at various National and International conferences and workshops.  In 2014, she was a Spotlight speaker at the World Congress of Music Therapy in Krems, Austria, and Keynote speaker at the Australian Music Therapy Association National Conference.  Grace is past-President of the Australian Music Therapy Association and co-editor of the book “Music Therapy with Families: Therapeutic Approaches and Theoretical Perspectives”.

Stine Lindahl Jacobsen is Associate Professor and Head of Music Therapy at Aalborg University in Denmark. Her main lecturing areas since 2008 include music therapy improvisation skills, group music therapy skills and music therapy assessment. Yearly since 2011 she lectures at University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt in Germany and also lectures around Europe. She has published various articles and chapters in the area of working with children and families at risk and in the research area of standardized music therapy assessment tools and effect studies and co-editor of the book “Music Therapy with Families: Therapeutic Approaches and Theoretical Perspectives”. As part of her PhD in 2012 Jacobsen developed the music therapy tool “Assessment of Parent-Child Interaction” (APCI). Currently she trains and certifies music therapists from around the world, who work or have an interest in working with families.